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I am a skilled reporter, writer, and editor with a primary focus on food, nutrition, and general health. My expertise is in telling stories that show how we produce, sell, buy and consume food impacts individual lives, global health, culture, and the environment. I've written about food companies hiring formerly incarcerated individuals for Civil Eats, whether big-box greenhouse farms support local food economies for Eater, and a snack food company's efforts to utilize whole animals in Tasting Table. I also have extensive experience writing and editing lifestyle stories on nutrition and fitness for women's health publications, like tips to keep vegetables fresh in Cosmopolitan and the healthiest fish for Furthermore. As a writer and editor at Well+Good for more than six years, I tried every workout and kale salad imaginable and interviewed the smartest nutritionists, personal trainers, health researchers, and doctors daily. There, I published stories like the healthiest protein bars, the hardest workouts in New York City, and facts about IUDs. I have a master's degree in Magazine Journalism from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Northeastern University.


Eli Zabar Knows Urban Farming…and a Great Caprese Salad

His feelings on mozzarella that isn’t made fresh daily in his own facility with milk from a small farm in Vermont? “I would say you should pretty much skip it. Live without mozzarella.”

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How Community Gardens Are Fighting for Food Justice in the Rockaways

Four garden groups are working to empower their communities, youth included, in an isolated New York City neighborhood.

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The People Behind Your Food Are More Vulnerable Than Ever

New data suggests workers across the food system are still struggling to feed themselves and their families.

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