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How greenhouse farms are redefining “local produce”—Eater
Nose to Tail to Shelf: How Epic’s changing snacking and the food system—Tasting Table
Setting new standards for grassfed dairy—Civil Eats
Will farmed fish ever be good for you or the planet?—Sonima
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Target funds the food movement: A meaningful investment or smart PR?Civil Eats
How the food industry is providing second chances to the formerly incarceratedCivil Eats
These community gardens are fighting for food justice in the RockawaysCivil Eats
How sulfites became the “bad guy” ingredient in wine—Eater
How to make the perfect Caprese Salad, according to Eli ZabarWell+Good


The 5 best and worst nutrition bars—Well+Good
Are you getting prebiotics, too?—Furthermore
Protein rules for women over 45The Fine Line
Love Your Lunch: The Japanese Diet—Cosmopolitan, October 2016 issue
Food Fix: Stop throwing out your veggies—Cosmopolitan, January 2017 issue


Why your workouts might actually be sabotaging your metabolism—Well+Good
7 surprising tips to help you finally conquer the pull-up—Well+Good
The wearable moment: Will fitness and activity trackers really make us healthier?—Well+Good
The dive bar of New York City’s boxing fitness scene—Well+Good
The 7 hardest workout classes in New York CityWell+Good
Why you should really stop bragging about how sore you are—Well+Good

General Health and Wellness

The surprising reason you have trouble sleeping–Yahoo Health
What magic mushrooms and meditation have in common—Well+Good
9 things you need to know about IUDs before getting one—Well+Good
Paraben Update: New research on beauty’s most problematic preservatives—Well+Good
What a 107-year-old poet can teach you about mindfulness—Well+Good