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Civil Eats

Food hubs scale up: A local food solution goes national

Can big money fix a broken food system?

How the food industry is providing second chances to the formerly incarcerated

Michael Twitty’s “Cooking Gene” uses history as a lens on food and race

What happens when organic farms are forced to spray conventional pesticides?

Despite many challenges, grassfed beef could go mainstream

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These restaurateurs say the secret to better food is buying the farm

How one chef’s obsession with local sourcing is changing a regional food economy

Do corporate greenhouse farms grow “local” food?

Conde Nast Traveller

The rise of women in farmingJuly/August 2017 Issue


Could brewing beer reduce global food waste?

How a revolution in robotics and automation will affect food system workers

Tasting Table

Nose to tail to shelf: Epic’s sustainable meat mission


Cosmopolitan Magazine

Love Your Lunch: The Japanese Diet—Cosmopolitan, October 2016 issue

Food Fix: Stop throwing out your veggies—Cosmopolitan, January 2017 issue


What magic mushrooms and meditation have in common

9 things you need to know about IUDs before getting one

What a 107-year-old poet can teach you about mindfulness

Why your workouts might actually be sabotaging your metabolism

7 surprising tips to help you finally conquer the pull-up

The 7 hardest workout classes in New York City


The emerging science of gut feelings—Sonima

What you need to know about bioidentical hormones—The Fine Line

Are you getting prebiotics, too?—Furthermore

The secret to healthier baking: ChickpeasClean Plates